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Now What, MochaHost Downtime, for Real?

Posted by Bern Medina

Update: I was just too lazy to contact Support! Downtime Issue Resolved.

A few hours after subscribing to MochaHost Hosting Service, I couldn’t log on to my account for nearly 24 hours, so I thought of googling MochaHost downtime and as expected, it was disappointing. Why didn’t I google reviews first before subscribing? “Always down” is the top reason why they won’t recommend it. I was using the WordPress mobile app at the time I was writing this, and I wasn’t sure if it would be posted; but from here I could not log in to the backend.

It was supposed to be a super busy week with my WordPress job. Thankful that my dear daughter has now been sleeping longer, I thought I would have more time to prepare for the new set of writing tasks about the Gutenberg. Last year, it was a struggle for me to look into the advantages of this new WordPress editor because I was pregnant and was too cautious to be stressed out after a threatened abortion. Now, I’m still not sure if I can make the most of my little spare time I forcefully take away from my little girl. And this. MochaHost, you’re not cooperating. 

Yeah, Just Too Lazy to Contact Tech Support

I must admit I was too lazy to contact MochaHost support. Perhaps, I felt it’s too early to complain since I just subscribed yesterday. I gave it a go anyway ’cause I couldn’t bear wasting my precious free time while my baby was taking a presumably long nap.

mochahost downtime

It was not MochaHost downtime ; They blocked me.

Ok, so the tech guy explained over chat they block accounts temporarily after five failed login attempts in a day and need to manually unblock them. Security measure. I felt relieved; I am pretty sure I didn’t fail logging in to the WP admin, and it must be the webmail — I was pinged several times for invalid password. This is another issue I have to resolve, but I am glad to be back building this blog. The webmail can wait.

Six hours after signing in to WP, and still here I am. I haven’t logged out since, fearing I might have trouble getting back on again.

UPDATE: Nope, I didn’t have trouble logging back in to my MochaHost account.

Here I am quite satisfied by how things go with my MochaHost account three days after posting this. I was able to resolve my webmail issue, too. Turned out that I overlooked a few important instructions. Lessons learned: read the manuals; watch the how to’s. They have everything set up for non-techie bloggers like me, so they can focus on customising and building their websites.

Happy with my MochaHost subscription, so far.

I’ll see how it goes as I get through my subscription. So far, I’m happy with it. I got the least expensive package, and it has all I need to run this small blog. If you’re thinking of starting your own website or looking for a new host, why not check out MochaHost’s packages and see what’s best for you. I got mine, the WP Starter package, at 50% off. Good deal.

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