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How to Get Free Shipping at Shopee Philippines

Posted by Bern Medina

They say you get free shipping at Shopee if your purchase reaches a certain amount, say, 500 pesos. However, when you check out, they charge you for shipping. You feel bad but complete the transaction anyway. It’s because you already have spent a while looking for the right items to buy.

free shipping at shoppee
Free Shipping at Shoppee

What happens, then, to the free shipping? Before you say you’re not going to buy from Shopee again, read on. Find out why you end up not having the deal.

There’s really free shipping at Shopee but…

Your purchase should reach a certain amount in each of the sellers you are buying from. For example, you are buying a dress worth 600 pesos from seller 1. They won’t charge you for shipping. Most sellers give free shipping for purchases amounting to at least 500 pesos. However, you find another item, say, a pillow for 300 pesos from seller 2. They will charge you for shipping because your purchase is worth below 500 pesos.

Tip: Click the “View Shop” link to see what other items the seller has. Try to get everything you need in one shop. This way, you are likely to reach the required amount to get free shipping.

Note that not all sellers offer free shipping. However, you can still get shipping vouchers from Shopee. Just look for the banner (image below) at the pre-check -out page. Vouchers get you some amount off from your total shipping fee.

At the pre-check-out page, you can find the Free Shipping Voucher banner (if available for your account). Click on it to get discount on shipping.

The free shipping at Shopee is not the only reason why you should shop online.

If you are a telecommuter like me, you will sure benefit a lot from Shopee and other online shopping sites.

Since I almost always work from home, I am able to save time from traveling. That being said, I also want to be able to save time from travelling to and from shops. Of course, you might say I should go out in order to avoid getting bored for working from home. You bet I wish I could. I used to spend my free time shopping, but my 4-month old baby won’t let me anymore.

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With online shopping, you can learn about other people’s experience with the product and customer service. Some sellers offer the exact same product, but not all sellers are very good at customer service — from providing complete product specifications to quality assurance.

Another good thing from these online shopping sites is that they go on sale, much like the town’s big shopping malls. If you are a mom like me, you sure will need an endless supply of diapers, milk, bottle cleanser, etc. Just about two weeks ago, Lazada had a sale. It was pure joy to be able to get huge discount on my baby’s supplies!

How about selling at Shopee?

Well, have you ever thought of becoming an online seller? If building an online store is too costly for you, you can join Shopee as a seller. I have created a quick tutorial. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link again:

How to Sell in Shopee Philippines in 2020

Shopee, as well as Lazada, is one of the most popular shopping sites in the Philippines, so many are interested to join. Online selling is definitely a good opportunity to earn money from home, especially during this time of COVID-19 pandemic, when people avoid going out and rely on online shopping sites.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like this article.

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